Correspondence Course

Free Esperanto Correspondence Course

Welcome to the index page of the Free Correspondence Course. This course is designed to be a 10-course lesson that introduces you to Esperanto and which should be good enough to get you some solid conversational skills — and it'll take you far less time to get to that level than it would in a national language like French, Spanish, or Chinese!
Each lesson ends with a series of exercises which you will fill out online and submit to the website. One of our friendly tutors will send you an email with results and commentary and answers to any questions you may have had. Upon satisfactory completion of all 10 lessons, you will receive a framable "Certificate of Completion".
So jump right into the world of "Esperantujo" (Esperantoland) and being your basic lessons today:

When you finish any lesson, please make sure that you wait to receive and review corrections and comments for that lesson from your instructor before you move on to the next one!


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